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Scribe Marking

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Definition: Scribe marking is composed of a diamond stylus that is pnuematicallly or electrically driven into the part material with force. The stylus moves along the surface and forms marks including alpha/numeric characters and machine readable codes and logos.


  • "Silent" marking - OSHA approved
  • Clean crisp marks - nice lookiing logos
  • Ability to provide Square-Dot 2D marks

More detail on the ability of the Scribe marking method to provide 2D marks......

TestMark1 Scribe marking technology typically produces square indentations on a part's surface with a pneumatically or electromechanically driven stylus, otherwise known as a pin. Critical to the readability of scribe marked symbols are the indented square shape, size and spacing. The square size and appearance are determined mostly by the marking force, and material hardness. The indented square created must trap or reflect light and be large enough to distinguishable from the parts surface roughness.
The issues involved in marking and reading scribe-marked symbols on metals are different than symbols printed on paper. The first fundamental difference is that the contrast between dark and light fields is created by artificial illumination of the symbol readability. Therefore, the module's shape, size, spacing, and part surface finish can all affect symbol readability
Scribethree The key to a successful scribe marking and reading project is to tightly control the variables affecting the consistency of the process. Symbol reading verification systems can provide feedback of the process parameters. Marking system operating and maintenance procedures and schedules must be established and followed to help ensure consistent symbol qualiy. Additional processes, like machining dedicated surfaces are less likely to be needed to improve the symbol readability when compared to the dot-peening method. The marking surface must be free of chip and debris from machining processes. Paint and surface rust may inhibit the ability to make a high quality mark.