I-Mark MS-Series Scribe Marking Machines are ready to provide Part Tracking Branding Serialization 2D codes Automated date coding for industrial part marking.

MS-Series by I-Mark is a complete direct part marking scribe machine, and is designed and built to provide production part marking.

Scribe systems mark a wide variety of metal and plastic parts with a selection of fonts for alpha/numeric, serial numbers, date codes, logos, and Square-Dot patented 2D codes. This machine is powered by the easy-to-use I-Mark software.

Complete marking system:

  • Pneumatic, heavy-duty, industrial scribe marking head with diamond tip. Ballscrew drive.
  • Dual-column bench top stand with standard aluminum T-slot table 18" x 20" (450mm x 500mm). Includes vertical adjustment for parts up to 13" (325mm) tall.
  • Model 200 I-Mark controller, and industrial windows PC with FREEpre-loaded I-Mark software. Also, the system includes keyboard, monitor and mounting.
  • Includes shut-off/filter/regulator and all cables required to set-up marking station.

The MS-Series makes production marking EASY Check out included features and essentials to make a complete turnkey station.

IMM200 Large marking window I-Mark MS series

Marking Windows

The I-Mark MS Series has two basic models with different marking windows.

Marking Windows:

  • IMMS60 1.59" x 2.35" (40 x 60mm)
  • IMMS200 - 8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm)
  • Larger marking windows I-Mark C Series

Dual Column Stand

The I-Mark M-Series are mounted to a dual-column benchtop stand with standard aluminum T-slot table 18" x 20" (450mm x 500mm). Includes vertical adjustment for parts up to 13" (325mm) tall (with fixture). Larger tables are provided with the 3rd axis marking rotator model. The larger table will allow the user to move the rotator to the side while marking on flat surfaces.

I-Mark M Series Stand

Fixed DOt vs Standard Dot-Peen

Ballscrew Drive

The ballscrew mechanism provides the best and most precise control over linear motion, with high efficiency and positional accuracy. Low friction means that you need less rotary input power to create the linear motion, allowing for a lower powered motor; this also allows for a smaller footprint.

I-Mark Software

I-Mark software is provided free with the purchase of any I-Mark machine. I-Mark Windows® software has a tremendous amount of horsepower, but it is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Simple drag-and-drop functionality makes program creation and entity sizing easy. CMT even includes several dozen video tutorials to enable the operator to refresh his/her memory if they’ve forgotten exactly how to do something.

Fixed DOt vs Standard Dot-Peen

3rd axis rotator

3rd Axis Rotator

Marking on the OD of round parts is possible with the 3rd axis upgrade rotator. The chuck to mount the parts comes in 3" or 5".

All of the needed elements to have a complete turnkey marking station.

Dot-peen and scribe marking methods require secure workholding. At the same time, the fixtures need to be quickly released for changeover from part to part. CMT has an experienced inhouse design team to provide custom workholding with “no tooling required” changeover as needed for industrial production.

The industrial machine base comes complete with castors to move the machine from location to location. When purchased with the I-Mark M-Series, the controls and stand will be mounted and preassembled.

  • I-Mark M and MS Series
  • I-Mark C Series
  • CMT Eclipse LER Rotary Turn Table
  • CMT Eclipse Tunnel Automated Conveyor

In regular dot-peen and scribe marking operations no additional guarding is required. The pinch point between the moving pin and the part being marked is less than ¼”. The ¼” distance is used by OSHA to determine a pinch point of injury. The application may require guarding depending on how the pin moves to the part from the home position, or when the marking station uses an automated axis or feeding system.

Laser systems include a light tight frame surrounding the marking source. Some safety officers elect to have the addition of the light curtain with the automated door upgrade. The light curtain is electronically tied into the laser or marking source. Any interruption of the beam between the two opposing sensors will stop the marking process and any motion. CMT designs the automated door with the feature of not closing if any resistance is met.

The powered Z axis is a great time saving upgrade for applications that are marking a wide range of parts.

Machine base with castors
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