CMT Eclipse is world class industrial safe laser marking.

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Complete line of CMT Eclipse Laser Marking Machines

Check out our options and features included.

The minimum size and maximum safety for laser marking.

The CMT Eclipse Model LE16 is a small compact marking solution for laser marking small parts. The full range of options includes: HMI interface, machine base, automated door and fixtures.

Laser marking ready-to-install in fully-automated robotic manufacturing processes.

The CMT Eclipse Model LE16HD is a compact laser marking solution for fully-automated laser marking small parts. These fully-automated units come complete with certified laser enclosure, communications field bus and part fixture.

Versatile laser marking solution for moderate production laser marking.

The CMT Eclipse Model LE24 offers a mid-size laser marking solution with a wide range of options including automated Z-axis, integrated cameras and more.

Designed for use with large parts or part pallets.

The CMT Eclipse Model LE48 is a complete large bed marking solution for marking large parts. This station comes complete with a floor base. It is very flexible with positioning of the laser to assure the widest array of marking options. Optional upgrades include: automated doors, additional axis x, y or omega, special peg board designs, part pallets, and camera verfication for 2D code verification or part compliance.

Multi-station solution offers lean manufacturing upgrades by combining multiple operations into one process.

The CMT Eclipse Model R includes the best options for adding additional functions to the laser marking operation. The Model R is designed for both automated and manual operations.

Designed for fully-automated high production laser marking.

The CMT Eclipse Model LET is designed to be integrated into an automated production conveyor line. This laser marking solution is also perfect for automated marking of tags of other small parts as a stand-alone station.