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Pro-Mark Laser

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Production laser marking stations with cycle time saving features including: automated turntables,
automated doors, integrated mark verification, lighted work areas, gang marking capabilities.
Available with either 5W, 10W, and 20W YV04 or 20W and 30W Pulsed Fiber Laser Systems.

Laser Marking machine structure & enclosure including:

  • Stand-alone machine base & enclosure
  • Integrated PC controller with 15"(380 mm monitor,
    keyboard, mouse & laser software preloaded
Pro Mark Laser


  • Marker head
    assembly with
    Z axis manual
  • 8" x 8" (200 x 200 mm) work table
    with space for 14" x 14" ( 355 x 355
    mm) parts
  • Fixture plate with ΒΌ"-20 hole pattern
    for easy part fixturing


  • Operator E-stop on front of machine
  • Exterior mounted main power switch
  • Work light
  • All components fully integrated and tested
  • 100 mm diameter marking window (pending lens selection)
  • Class 1 laser enclosure with easy open front door with integrated cycle interrupt safety switch
  • Front of enclosure to have small laser safety glass window


Power Supply Unit:

  • 400 watt total power consumption, air
  • CDRH Class I level of manufacture
  • Input power: 100-240VAC, 5A 50/60 Hz
    CMT Custom Marking Software featuring:
  • Windows based software with extremely
    easy operator interface
  • Including drag and drop features for text,
    graphics, barcodes, circles and lines
  • A Red diode tracing feature which
    displays an outline box for graphics and
    true trace for text enabling precise
    marking legend placement onto part prior
    to actually marking the part
  • The ability to save part files complete
    with all marking parameters
  • Marks any true-type font
  • Full serialization, includes placeholders
    and fixed data prefix/suffix. Standard for
    all text and barcode / data matrix objects
  • UID compliant