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Model 300 I-Mark Controoler: Dual Marking Heads

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Expanded controller offers options including motion, axes or dual machine controls. All the
functionality of the I-Mark controller including the selection of communications options and the
advanced networking capabilities.
  • All the same features as the Model 200
  • Larger Nema 4 industrial enclosure to
    incorporate 2 complete machine
    operational interfaces

  • 25% Cost savings:
    immediate cost savings of 25% of two
    units plus installation and maintenance
Model 300 I-Mark Controoler: Dual Marking Heads 3+Two Making Heads One Controller


Model 300 Controller How to Order Chart


  • Electrical components require 110 VAC power,
    6 ft (1.8m) electrical cord supplied



Test Mark For Model 300 pg




  • Basic integration model as shown is
    designed to control (4) axis or 2
    complete marking heads
    • Operator Interface
      17" (430mm) screen with
    • Touchscreen with
      Keyboard backup
  • I/O included with all options
  • Ethernet for programming
    • Communication options
      Modbus (std)
    • Serial (RS232)
    • Ethernet IP