View Menu Ribbon

Icons Shown on the View Menu Ribbon


The View Menu Ribbon is shown when the view tab is selected. All of the icons on this menu effect the look of the workspace.


First Group on left hand side of Ribbon controls the Zoom


Zoom InZoom In


View 100 Actual


Zoom Out Zoom Out


Fit to SizeFit to Screen


Second Group in the middle of the ribbon controls the Look:


Grid Lines: Check box for on. Internal grid lines go through the layout area. Grid lines are shown every inch, or 5 millimeters.


Rulers: Check box for on. Rulers run along the top and left of the layout screen. They display inches or Millimeters depending on the units.


Axis Labels: Check Box for on. Specifies X,Y axis and motion type (linear, rotational), and Units.


Home Position: Check Box for on. Home position is labeled with two intersecting green lines with arrows.


Units: English or Metric. Select system through drop down menu. If In is shown the units are in Inches. If MM is shown the units are in millimeters.


The Third group on the right hand side of the ribbon controls seven other windows


Entity ToolboxToolbox




Navigate Navigator


Marking Order Marking Order


Manual Manual


Simulate Simulator


Output Output