What is a Workspace?

Intelli-Mark WorkspaceA Workspace is a collection of Layouts, files and settings which create associations to the controllers they're assigned to.  A good example of this would be to consider a large manufacturing plant.  Within this plant are different groups of machining cells dedicated to one type of part.  Within these cells would be one or more I-Mark Controllers including their marking Layouts, Graphics, Fonts and any of the specific Settings of these controllers.  The Workspace provides us with a way to organize these items into a group to be better managed and monitored by a computer or person.  


Assume that you are an engineer who is in charge of one of these machining cells.  Although there are multiple cells throughout the plant each with their own group of I-Mark machines, you wouldn't necessarily want to monitor or modify one of these other groups.  The Workspace file would allow you to map the controllers pertaining to your cell to your Workspace.  Once you open the I-Mark software and open up this Workspace file, you would be shown only the controllers belonging to it and their contents.  This makes for a much cleaner organization method and makes managing multiple controllers a breeze.