Technical Support


If you are unable to find the answer to your I-Mark questions in the standard product documentation or online, phone support is available at the following locations:


Online Support


I-Mark Support, located at, is a valuable medium for answering your I-Mark questions. The Support Center includes the following resources:


  • Downloads of I-Mark software, documentation updates and mechanical drawings

  • Knowledge Base/FAQs

  • Live chat for Sales and Technical Support

  • Online catalog of parts and accessories

  • Firmware updates



Telephone Support


  • United States: +1-586-949-8400



Repair and Returns



Address: Attn: Repair Department

                Columbia Marking Tools

  27430 Luckino Dr.

  Chesterfield, MI 48047


Note: When sending back any unit for repair, always be sure to include contact info for whomever is to be contacted about the unit as well as a detailed description as to the problem with the particular unit and any samples showing the irregular behavior.