Quick Access Tool bar



The Quick Access Tool bar has three permanent commands: Save All, Undo, and Redo. These are the first three icons just to the right of the Intelli-Mark Orb.


Additional commands may be added to the Quick Access Tool bar by selecting the command/icon required and adding to the menu through a right click drop down menu. Placing the most commonly used icons in the Quick Access Tool bar will help to streamline workflow.


Certain icons are only available when a layout file is selected in the Main Work Area.


QUick Access icons associated with Layout files For example, the Add New Entity, and Start Marking icon.


Nice tipThe Add New Entity is a good icon to add to the quick access tool bar, as it contains the complete drop down menu of all the entity types. this button is added by using the right click menu on any entity.


In addition, selecting the More Arrow after the quick access icon commands will give more options in terms of desktop layout. The Menu Ribbon may be minimized, and the command ribbon with the Quick Access Tool bar may be located below the Menu Ribbon.