Assign Layout to Marking Machine

Assign Layout icon in Marking Machine RibbonThis icon is located in the Marking Machine Ribbon. This ribbon is visible once a marking machine has been selected in the navigation window, and is opened in the Main Work Area.


While a number of marking machines may be opened, the selected machine will be the associated with the name on the Marking Machine Menu Ribbon Tab. In addition, this system will be highlighted and opened in the Main Work Area.   


A drop down menu will appear and display all additional layouts from the PC available to be assigned to the machine.


If a required layout does not appear check the layouts location on the PC, and the marking machine type assigned to it.


In addition to the Assign Layout icon, I-Mark software also allows for a "drag and drop" method to assign layout to marking machines. This is done by using the navigation window. Click on the layout required and "drag" to the marking machine.


sign_forbidden.gifIf this symbols continues to appear when you drag layout over marking machine, check to make sure that the layout machine type matches the marking machine type of the desired machine.