Create UID Code


A UID entity is a form of Data Matrix code that is specially formatted for use on Government and Aircraft components. The UID entity in I-Mark was created to allow users to quickly construct a Data Matrix code with proper formatting that is mandated when printing a UID code.



To add a UID entity to your marking layout you can select UID from the ribbon menu or drag it onto your layout from the Entity Toolbox.






Once you have selected UID the UID editor dialog will appear allowing you to configure the UID code.





Once the UID editor dialog appears you will need to determine the format of code that you need to create. this information is typically located on the print or contract for the component that you are marking. For this example we will use a format TEI (12).





Once you have selected your code format the UID editor will automatically determine the different options available for the individual elements that make up the code. The required elements can also be found on the print for the components to be marked. For this example we will use an MFR / SER  code. This code will contain the manufacture number and serial number for this given part.


Select the first data element that you wish to enter from the drop down menu. as you make your selections and later enter your data to be encoded you will see the encrypted data being compiled in the preview pane at the bottom of the UID editor.





Based on your first data element selection the UID editor automatically determines the options that are available for the second data element. Now choose your second data element and it will be added to the code which you will see in the preview pane.





After determining each text element that you want to create you will need to add the exact data for each element. You can enter Static text in each field or you can use the Wild Card designations for Dynamic text.





Once you have entered the element data you can click the accept button. the data will then be compiled into the UID code and shown in the marking layout. If you place your mouse over the code you can see the data that has been encrypted in the code.