Create Serial Data Placeholder



To add a Serial Data Placeholder entity to your marking layout you can select Text from the ribbon menu or drag it onto your layout from the Entity Toolbox.




Once you have selected Text a new entity is created and placed in the center of the printing area.




You will then need to edit the Text entity to print using a Serial Data Placeholder. To do this double click the Text entity to open the text editor. You can click the Wild Card shortcuts or type in the proper hot key (ex. %P#) for the desired Serial Data Placeholder. There are (10) placeholders available for each marking layout. When creating the Wild Card you will need to specify the number for the desired placeholder that you are sending data. The default placeholder number is "0".




Once you have setup the desired placeholder you can click Accept and the new place holder will be placed into the marking layout.  Because no data exists in the placeholder I-Mark generates a generic string [Modbus Text]. this allows you to size the and position the text in the marking layout.






You may also use the Simulation Tab to edit the generic string that I-Mark generates. This is helpful to create the exact string that you will be sending and make sizing / positioning easier. To use the Simulation tool simply select it from the lower Tool bar. when the Simulation page opens check the desired placeholder to simulate and enter the text that you would like to be represented in the marking layout.






Once you have setup your marking layout to contain a Serial Placeholder entity you will need to configure the Serial Data communication settings for sending data to the machine.  You can access these properties by opening the Machine Control page. For information on accessing this see machine Controller Page.  To edit the Serial Data communications settings click on the Machine Properties tab on the left of the screen. You may then scroll down to the communications section where the Serial Data properties are located. Some serial devices output strings of data in different formats the following properties will allow you to setup I-Mark to receive data from any device no matter what the format of the output string:










The serial port can also be configured to an output mode by selecting a different communications mode. Below are the options for output communications.


Serial Port Communications Mode = Mode in which the I-Mark serial port will communicate.






For setup and troubleshooting purposes the I-Mark software contains Diagnostic features that can assist. To access the Placeholder/Registers Diagnostics page go to the Machine Control page. For information on accessing this see machine Controller Page. Once at the machine controller page select the Diagnostics tab on the left side of the screen. You can the click the Registers tab for Diagnostic information.  For Serial Data applications you will want to use the Modbus Registers field. you may click the Read button to retrieve all of the current data in the place holders. This can assist in  trouble shooting what the machine is receiving from other devices.


Note: Data sent into registers will remain in that register until another data string is received or the I-Mark controller is power cycled.