Create Counter or incrementing number


To add a Counter entity to your marking layout you can select Text from the ribbon menu or drag it onto your layout from the Entity Toolbox.





Once you have selected Text a new entity is created and placed in the center of the printing area.






You will then need to edit the Text entity to print a dynamic Counter. To do this double click the Text entity to open the text editor. You can click the Wild Card shortcuts or type in the proper hot key %C# or %c# depending on the format that is desired. The I-Mark software allows you to mark up to (7) different incrementing counters. when entering the wild card formatting you will need to specify the # for the counter that you would like to use. The preview pane will display the counter as it will be marked on the part.





The I-Mark software also allows you to configure the specific properties for each of the (7) counters that are available.  These properties include:



You may edit the counter properties for each counter thru the counter setup  menu located on the machine Controller Page. for information on accessing this see machine Controller Page.  To edit the properties select the desired counter to edit and then set the properties accordingly. after you have completed the counter setup select apply. You will then need to Download these settings to the machine before they will take effect. For more information on downloading see the Download section of the help file.






Below is representation and description for the various reset conditions available:




    counter_reset-1.jpg           counter_reset-2.jpg