Controller Upload

Upload data from the controllerThis icon is located in the Marking Machine Menu Ribbon. This ribbon is only available when a marking machine is opened in the Main Work Area. When selected this command will upload all the layouts that reside on the controller to the PC.


While a number of marking machines may be opened, the selected machine will be the associated with the name on the Marking Machine Menu Ribbon Tab. In addition, this system will be highlighted and opened in the Main Work Area.   


Files on the controller may also be updated by dragging and dropping in the Navigation Window.


In addition, a layout file on the controller may be edited directly in the controller. This is accomplished by double clicking on the layout file associated with the marking machine in the Navigation Window.


Error Messages about Layout RevisionWarning messages will occur about the revision of a layout file, if the Marking System is selected to run and contains an earlier version of a layout file of an assigned layout file than the file resident on the marking System.