Counter Configuration

Configure counters for a marking systemThis counter configuration icon is located on the Marking Machine Menu Ribbon. This ribbon is only available when a marking machine is opened and selected in the Main Work Area.


While a number of marking machines may be opened, the selected machine will be the associated with the name on the Marking Machine Menu Ribbon Tab. In addition, this system will be highlighted and opened in the Main Work Area.   


When selected the following configuration widow appears.


Configuration windows for counters


Counter List: List of counters in the marking machine.


Increment: Value the counter changes each time the machine is cycled.


Final: the value at which the counter will stop.


Reset: The number which the counter will reset to


Reset Condition:If set to NONE, the counter will not reset. If set to FINAL, the counter will reset when it reaches the final value. If set to DAILY, the counter will reset at the end of each day. If set to  END OF SHIFT, the counter will reset at the end of each shift. This command is paired with the Shift configuration.


When INPUT is select as a reset condition additional fields will display.


Input: Requires a I/O number form 1 through 7, and relates to the I/O position in the Controller.


Input Level: This option is specified as either low or high.


Additional Field for the Rest via Input Condition


Additional information about the counters in the marking machine is located on the Status & Control Tab of the marking machine in the Main Work Area.


Options not available with standard softwareCurrently the standard counter does NOT have the functionality for counting down, having negative values, or numeric type other than integers.