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B2 Black Box

The I-Mark Black Box controller provides motion control to any dot-peen or scribe system. It
features, all the functionality of the I-Mark controller including the selection of communications options
and the advanced networking capabilities. All the I-Mark functions and advanced communications
technology can be applied to other marking systems.
B2 Bllack Box
  • NEMA 4 industrial enclosure 16" W x 12" H x 8" D (406 x
    305 x 203 mm)
  • (4) Mounting holes.
  • Sixteen (16) 24vdc optically
    isolated digital I/O fully
    programmable with software for
    controlling external hardware
    devices to help save costs in
    automated applications. (8 inputs
    and 8 outputs)
  • Binary select feature for selecting
    & executing up to 32 programs
    via the I/O
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
    communications for programming
    and integration into system network (can be
    used with static IP setup or in DHCP mode on a network)
  • Machine protocols include:
    serial, I/O, Modbus, and
    Ethernet IP.
  • I-Mark networkable motor
    drives for stepper or servo
    motor control with 10a peak
    motor output per axis. (Up to 4-
    axis per controller)
  • Digital current and servo loops
    with encoder for controlling
    servo motors
  • Closed or open loop stepper
    motor control with micro
    stepping capability.
  • Industrial Harting connectors
    for marking head
  • Manual reset / E-stop featured
    as remote options in the I/O
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